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    Inspired by extensive touring, "Midnight Recordings" is the band's debut release on New York based Hero Water Records. Features the extraordinary Josias Liashw from Rio de Janeiro on double-bass, Prague's beatbox prodigy Dozr, Italian-American Nicola Capellini on guitar; and Vladimír Cháb on tenor sax. Band's sound morphs from track to track, latin influence fusing with Eastern Europe. The album was recorded at Weisser Studios Berlin and mastered at Jicämä Sound in Barcelona, in August 2013.



    A collaboration between Sakra Buraja and the English electonica producer Anthony Johns. It fuses the unique acustic sound of the band with Anthony's particular electronic take on Sakra's songs. Produced in Spring 2012 in London, UK.

  • FUGA (2012)

    Follow up to Tábor Session, "Fuga" was recorded live over 3 days in Venice (Italy) in legendary bassist Luigi Parise's performance space, RedApe Quasar Lab, in a rare testimony to the genius loci of the space, that has been demolished three days after this last recording. It captures the rawness and spontaneity of a precious encounter of the traditionalist Venetian accordeonist and singer Veronica Canale with Vladimír Cháb, while maestro Parise occasionally steps in.


  • TÁBOR SESSION (2011)

    Sakra Buraja's studio debut proposes a minimalist, yet wide open sound and fresh musical energy. Featuring Vladimír Cháb on saxofone and the exceptional Colombian contrabassist Aldo Zolev, it is an expedition into new faraway landscapes of grooves and textures, a diary from a voyage yet to be made. Recorded in a small South Bohemian town of Tábor in August 2011, in an oldschool straight forward single-session manner.

  • LIVE AT SOBRADO (2011)

    The first of Sakra Buraja's live albums, "Live at Sobrado" was recorded in one night at Lapa, the bohemian neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. Despite quite harsh sound quality, it is an interesting and raw insight into Sakra's music in the middle of a South American tour, here in an intimite yet intense show. Originally a mono iPhone bootleg recording by a fan from the audience.



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The Band 

Blind musician and vagabond Sakra Buraja brings songs stolen on his travels. This savage plays with only one hand, while he uses the other to capture the most talented musicians in places he visits, whom he enslaves! When you see him, you will want to dislike this scoundrel. But as soon he starts to play, you'll be immediately transported: the music is irresistible and you're a part of it. Before you notice, you are already on the road with this mixture of (im)perfect sounds, energy, peculiar humor and love, embarking on this trip, dancing, trying to hitch a car!

  • Vladimír Cháb - tenor sax
    Czech republic
  • Josias Liashw - double-bass
  • Igor Stuart - accordion
  • Leo Mucuri - percussion


  • Czech National TV
    Czech republic
    (live show)

  • TV Globo
    (show coverage)

  • Canal Capital

  • City TV

  • Radio Nacional
    Bogota, CO
    (live show)

  • Radio NRBG
    Belgrade, RS

  • Radio Colmena
    Buenos Aires, AR
    (live show)

  • Coloradio
    Dresden, DE
    (live show)

  • Radio Cidade
    Juiz de Fora, BR

  • Radio Vanessa
    Venezia, IT
    (live show)

  • Radio Cariongo
    Pamplona, CO
    (show coverage)

  • UN Radio
    Bogota, CO

  • Muy Interesante
    Latin America
    (album review)

  • La voce di Venezia
    Venice, IT
    (show review)

  • UNI Magazine
    Praha, CZ
    (show coverage)


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