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Blind spirit and vagabond Sakra Buraja brings songs stolen through out the world. Like a real savage, he plays with only one hand, while he uses the other to capture and enslave souls of musicians in places he visits. When you see him, you may want to dislike him, but as he starts to play, you'll be immediately transported: the music is irresistible and you're a part of it. Before you notice, you are already on the road with this mixture of (im)perfect sounds, energy, peculiar humor and love, embarking on a trip, dancing, trying to hitch a car!
Sakra Buraja is an international jazz project infusing elements of hip hop, punk, savage energy and dance music into its original compositions. Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2010 by a film composer Vladimír Cháb, it has already brought together musicians coming from a wide range of background that stretches from experienced interprets of classical music, sambistas, street musicians, jazz improvisers and total musical analphabets to a straw-pipe blower in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.


22 NOV
21 DEC
Good Room
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Midnight Recordings
Inspired by extensive touring, "Midnight Recordings" is the band's debut release on New York based Hero Water Records. Its sound morphs from track to track, latin influence fusing with Eastern Europe.
Follow up to Tábor Session, recorded live over 3 days in Venice - Italy - in a rare testimony to the genius loci of a space, that burnt down at the end of the day this recording was finished.
Fear of Deep Water
A collaboration between Sakra Buraja and the electronic music producer D'Anthony.
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Tábor Session
Sakra Buraja's first album proposes a minimalist, yet wide open sound and fresh musical energy. It is an expedition into new faraway landscapes of grooves and textures, a diary from a voyage yet to be made.
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